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Friedl's Hunting And Fishing In Western Pennsylvania

Hunting Season 2003-2004

Deer Season

According to most sources, deer season is projected to be pretty good this year. The large amount of rain so far this year has caused many advantages for deer, from a very inproved mast crop to higher grass to aid fawns from predators. Many fields haven't even been cut yet, which has had an entirely different effect on groundhog shooting - though I'll take it!.

Remember to verify what Wildlife Management Unit you'll be hunting in this year, as the system that had previously been based on counties is now set up with these WMUs that are supposed to simplify the management of wildlife. In many cases, the new system is simpler, but be certain in places like Jefferson couinty, which is split into four different WMUs!

Archery Season

Archery season will start in Pennsylvania on October 4, 2003. Hopefully we get a little less rain by the time the season starts.

Hunting Season 2002-2003

Spring Gobbler Season 2002

Spring Gobbler season was great again this year. You have to give the PGC and NWTF credit for the outstanding wild turkey hunting available in western Pennsylvania. I tried hunting on private land this year, and took something that I had never even seen until that day - a bearded HEN!

I'd like to set up a page to showcase your turkey havest this year, so feel free to E-mail me a photo of your bird and any information about the shot or cicumstances of your hunt. You can remain anonomous if you wish. I hope to have the page up soon.

Pistol Hunting

While it is possible to hunt with certain smaller-frame revolvers, and it's also possible to defend yourself with a hunting or target shooting pistol, it's not commonly considered a good idea to use the "one gun" philosophy for handguns. Any hunting pistol worth its weight (wich can be considerable) is too large and heavy to be an effective carry piece. Most hunting caliber handguns are in the .44 magnum + range. Anything smaller probably won't bring deer down quickly and reliably. Barrel lengths start at 6 inches.

While pistols are legal for hunting deer, it is extremely important to make sure that the caliber and bullet weight that you choose, along with the powder charge, is sufficient to bring down deer. A longer barrel and heavier bullet weight help, but shot placment in a large animal will be crucial. This means practicing shots at different angles, including shooting from a tree stand, if you plan to hunt from a tree.

Pennsylvania Small Game Hunting

Squirrel Hunting Information by Ned N. Rice

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